The Producers Behind Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz is a household name in EDM who is as well-known for his weekly radio show Global DJ Broadcast as he is for his extensive trance and progressive house discography.

Schulz has been a stalwart name on the EDM scene since the 1990s, and at 43 years old he shows no signs of slowing down, with his weekly radio show and a hectic touring schedule keeping him perennially busy. Schulz unfortunately missed the cut for DJ Mag’s latest edition of its much vaunted top 100 DJ list, entering in at number 127, however, he ranked at number 80 in 2016’s poll.

With his extensive discography and exposure to many different EDM subgenres as a result of hosting the Global DJ Broadcast, it’s fair to say Markus Schulz knows a thing or two about Djing. Schulz sees DJing as an art form; he described in a 2014 Miami New Times article how, “It’s all about the art of DJing and showing people what the beauty of this art form is. He was quoted in his DJ Mag bio saying that, “the ability to read a room…must survive for future generations”.

Schulz, a German-born DJ, is based mostly in Miami, however, his open to close solo sets while on tour are legendary—in 2016 alone, he rocked all-nighters in Buenos Aries, London, Amsterdam, and Toronto. That’s a lot of cities and a lot of time spent perfecting something he takes so seriously as to refer to it as an art form. Schulz has no time for DJs who show up and turn on the strobe lights; he really wants to send his fans into rapture.

For a man with so much going on at once, his huge discography is made all the more impressive. It is, of course, not a huge secret that Markus Schulz enlists the help of ghost producers for some of his music. The fact of the matter is that it would be practically impossible to maintain his current schedule. With so many projects going on at once, there just isn’t enough time for him to create all of his new music by himself.

Listings on the ASCAP website confirm Schulz’s use of ghost producers to make his tracks. Another Day was actually produced by Rene Pais, while Vladislav Kudin produced Bright Lights. It’s no real surprise that someone like Schulz would resort to needing the assistance of other talented EDM producers, and there is no shame in it either.

This is a man whose passion is to play open to close shows, treating each gig he performs as seriously as an artist treats the process of painting a new picture. This is a man who tours the globe, while also making time to host a popular weekly radio show. Schulz also loves to write music, and his use of ghost producers lets him leverage some of the best talent around to actually produce is trance tracks.

There are literally no negatives with Markus Schulz’s modus operandi. Producers get paid to help him out, Schulz can focus on the things that matter most, and everyone comes away a winner, including Schulz’s fans, many of whom view his live performances as capturing the essence of what DJing should be all about.