The Ghost Producers Behind Tigerlily

Best known for Paradise, a 2015 track that catapulted her from an up-and-coming prospect straight into Australia’s singles chart, Tigerlily is a feisty female DJ who has garnered a reputation for herself as a household name in Australian EDM. The blue-haired Aussie has gained recognition for her music on the international scene too, touring destinations including Vancouver, Las Vegas, and Seattle during her budding EDM career.


Graduating with Marketing and Sociology majors from the University of Sydney, it’s not difficult to see how Tigerlily’s DJing talents were complemented with the know-how to succeed in electronic music. Half the battle in becoming a successful DJ is being able to market oneself as having a unique stage presence, and there’s no doubt that Tigerlily’s college background assisted her with this.

Stage Energy

Aside from her striking blue hair, Tigerlily draws fans from around the globe due to her boisterous stage presence—this is a DJ who knows how to enjoy herself on stage and who isn’t afraid of expressing that enjoyment to draw fans in. In fact, on-stage apathy is the antithesis to what constitutes a good DJ, from Tigerlily’s perspective. As she revealed in an interview with, “I think for me it’s all about confidence and positivity. There is nothing I dislike more than watching a DJ that looks super bored and isn’t enjoying themselves.

By embracing the enjoyment of DJing and not shying away from showing that, in addition to making pumping music, Tigerlily always ensures the crowd goes wild for her sets. As she put it in a separate interview with SBE, “I have so much fun when I play, and I think people can see that.

The life of a DJ can be a grueling one. Touring different destinations can take its toll on the body, particularly when one lets their eating habits slip towards convenient, unhealthy food due to a lack of time.Tigerlily, however, makes sure she stays on top of her health, because to her, money and fame mean nothing without being in good physical condition. “I realised that health is everything. You can be rich, you can be famous, you can be popular, you can be flying in private jets and playing to crowds of 50,000 people, but if you haven’t got your health then you’ve literally got nothing.

Ghost Production

While Tigerlily has never explicitly stated she uses ghost producers, it’s evident this Aussie understands the value of enlisting the help of a trusted team of people who can help her continuously deliver great music. As she stated in a DamnThatsEpic interview, “we’ve got a whole heap of songs and content… I’m really excited though…especially in LA I got to work with such great people, topliners and stuff who I don’t usually get to work with.”

A look at Tigerlily’s track listings online reveals different producers credited for her track Ashes, including Mike Campbell, Nathaniel Lamm Evans, and Cooper Green. Other producers, including Lacy Lee Evin, Tasha Ray Evin, and Sierra Angela Hills are credited for Tigerlily’s 24/7 track.

What is evident from Tigerlily’s vibrant stage presence, her flamboyance, and her background in marketing, is that Tigerlily represents more than just a DJ; she’s a brand. And because she is a brand, she understands the importance of diversifying her workload to continue producing music which aligns with that brand.

To continue on the upward trajectory that has defined her career so far, Tigerlily has evidently hired some ghost producers to help her make electronic music tracks. This is something that is entirely normal—it’s impossible for one person to handle the workload of growing an entire brand.

Modern DJs are much more than mere individuals who make some tracks and get on stage a few times. Tons of work goes in behind the scenes to develop a unique stage presence (lights, transitions, mic work) and branding, in addition to meeting the grueling demands of the modern tour calendar. And all of this work hasn’t even focused on making new music yet!

Is it any wonder, therefore, that ghost production is becoming more normal and popular? Ghost production ensures that modern DJs can continue to flourish and please their fans with amazing sets and exciting new tracks.