What makes Affordable Ghost Production different from other platforms?

Affordable Ghost Production has a wide network of producers across every genre and sub-genre. With years of experience, we can craft you a high quality track that will be ready for release. In order to make the dream of releasing your own high quality track, we’ve developed a system that allows users to make payments while their track is being completed.

Will I have someone to communicate with while my track is being worked on?

We will provide you with your own project manager who will keep you updated through every step of the production process. You will always know how your track is coming along.

Is using Affordable Ghost Production confidential?

Absolutely. We guarantee anonymity as our producers sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with us. We will not share any of your information.

Can I sell my track via BeatPort or iTunes?

Yes, you can sell your track commercially via a label, music platform, or any other commercial outlet.

Do I owe Affordable Ghost Production royalties on any sales from my track?

No. You will keep 100% of the royalties for your track.

Can I have input on the development of my track?

Yes. We will begin your project based on the description you provide. We will provide you previews along the way so that you can help guide the production and keep your influence through the end result.

I have a project that I’ve already started. Can you help me finish it?

Yes we can! If you have a project that you already have started, but need help bringing up the production value, we can have one of our talented ghost producers work in the session. We can work with your stems or MIDI and build a track around your idea.

What is included with my ghost production?

We will set you up so that you are prepared for a label release. We provide you with the track stems and midi and high quality .WAV files of both the Pre-master and the final mastered version. This way, you are able to do a re-mix and re-master as some labels require and you will be ready to run your own remix competition for your track.

Can I have the project file for my track?

We are able to provide project files for your track in either Ableton or FL Studio. These are not automatically included and will be an extra charge with the project.